Easy Static Grass application

 I'm sure, plenty of people out there have some problems applying static grass to the base
of their minis.I use a brand of static grass I picked up at the local hobby shop. Not the 
games store, but the one dedicated to Railroading.  Its a dark green, comes in a baggie
for a couple, 3 dollars, and its made in Germany. Sorry, I don't have the name, since I 
threw away the label ages ago.This I put into a small plastic container.
I also use Zap-a-Gap to hold the grass in place. I like to 
use that, as it dries quickly. Below is the stuff all laid out.

I put down a piece of paper, so any spillage can easily be put back into the container.
Static grass is pretty fine stuff, so it can go anywhere. Be carefull when using it
so you don't get any where you don't want it. (like eyes, other parts of the mini,
over your workbench..)  My bases are covered in the non-skid sand you add to 
floor paint for a dirt look. Held in place with good old elmers white glue.

So, the first step is to lay some zap-a-gap down where you want the grass to be.
I rarely ever cover the base anymore with it, as I like patches of grass.

Here, you can see where I squirted some glue onto the base. A simple V pattern 
in front, and a U pattern in the back.

 I then shake the plastic container (with the lid on! don't want the stuff 
all over the place now, do ya?)  This will help charge up the grass a bit, 
and also help dislodge the clumps of grass.
  Then, dunk the mini in the container, and scrap bottom with the base.
Get the base fully covered in grass, then pull it out of the container, but don't
pull it away. Leave the model hovering over the container.  The base should look
like this now,

This picture is a bit blurry, but it shows how much grass I put onto the mini.
Then, turn the mini at an angle, and tap the excess off .

Then, dunk it again, for you never get enough grass on the first time around. 
Don't push the pile of grass down onto the base, for you will have a hard,
if not impossible time getting the grass to stand up. Also, you need to dunk
it a second time, for the base looks like this,


See how you can still see the wet glue?  You want grass there, not glue.

 Now, with the 2nd dunk, you still want an excess of grass on the base, so go deep
with it again.  When you pull it out, turn the mini sideways, and tap off the excess.
You should have a decent covering of static grass.
  Now, I have no way of taking a picture for this step, and its a very important one.
After tapping off the excess grass, take the mini, raise it up to your lips, and give the grass
a quick, sharp blast of air, at an angle slightly above your mouth. Something like a 30 degree
angle.  Don't blow too hard, as you can send the grass flying off the mini.  This is something 
I've practiced doing, but its not as hard as you might think. After doing this step, I use a 
toothpick and run it over the top of the grass to make some straglers stand up.

You have to get the toothpick closer than I did in the picture. Let the tip 
barely touch the top of the grass.

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